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Ladies, are you tired of the dating dilemmas? Are you on a constant quest to find the elusive Mr. Right? Or maybe you’ve been in a long-term relationship for an extended period of time and your man keeps saying, he’ll marry you someday! You think you’re doing all the right things, but he still won’t produce a ring. Well, this book was designed to help you understand how men actually think about love, sex, relationships and marriage.

I’m often asked, what makes this book different from other ‘How-to’ relationship books? Well, I will be the first to admit that I can’t teach you to do something that I’ve never done. However, it’s no secret that I’ve been married five times, and have had a total of eighteen marriage proposals. And, in this book, I will dispel the myth that men are afraid of commitment. In fact, I’ll tell you a secret, I have never met a man who wouldn’t commit, and I’ve dated men from all spectrums; professional athletes, celebrities, as well as the average, every day Joe! Fact is, a man will commit when he finds what he is looking for, and the key to capturing Mr. Right’s heart – and ultimately getting the ring – is understanding how he thinks, and knowing what he needs.

How to Get Him to Put That Ring on Your Finger in 365 Days or Less has something for everyone! Although it was written as a guide for women who are looking to get married, the same principles also apply to women who are already married, and just need some helpful pointers on keeping their marriage fresh and alive. Sometimes when we have been with a man for a while, we have a tendency to forget the old saying, “What you do to get him, you must also do to keep him”. This book will serve as a reminder of how important it is to continue to nurture your relationship even after you get the ring.
"I Need Therapy" was originally written as a woman's empowerment primary purpose was to encourage and empower women to make better decisions in their everyday lives. Not just with their relationships, but with their health and also financial matters.
It addresses sensitive matters such as infidelity, how to survive when the relationship or marriage is over, revenge, drama, dating a married man, how to protect our children from the predators that we bring into our homes, men who are living on the down low, as well as how to develop and achieve self-confidence and build self-esteem.
Women share a common bond!
No matter your race, background, social or economic status, women are bonded by "ISSUES." In this book I address some of those issues dealing with men, love and relationships.
You will see yourself in some of the stories of betrayal, infidelity, drama and revenge. And you will discover that it's possible to heal and live to love again.
This book is filled with heartfelt stories of strength and encouragement, as well as, lessons learned, told by the women who lived them.
This book has something for everyone. It was designed to help you have a better understanding of relationships from each gender's perspective, men find it just as informative and entertaining as women. The chapters, "What Every Man Should Know About Women" and "Romantic Things That Women Love" were dedicated to men. So come take a look inside the minds of women!
It wasn't until I was facing divorce and single parenthood did I have a knock-down drag-out with God. It has been one of the most humbling journeys of my life. He showed me my faults, my issues, my ugly, but most of all he showed me my “Pretty.”
“Pretty Girls Pray the Hardest” takes you on a journey of lessons I learned as I became more concerned with being pretty in the sight of God vs. being pretty in the sight of man. Contrary to what society says, Pretty girls don't “prey” the hardest, we “pray” the hardest. ~ Shealin Latiese Terrell
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