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I`ces grew up on the West Central Part of Florida in a place called Trol’ley Island Beach.  As a child, when her mom, Mariah, tried to set ground rules, I`ces rebelled.  As she approaches her teen years she becomes one the most deadly storms to hit the scenes of Atlanta.

I`ces lives life with no boundaries, and is willing to stop at nothing to get what she wants, but her “only wish” is to one day become Mrs. Alex Masters.

For years I`ces has convinced herself that Alex is the love of her life from her hometown of Trol’ley Beach. Among other things, I`ces blames Mariah for her inability to connect with her one true love.  At an early age, her mother relocates the family to Atlanta and I`ces is left to seek other men to substitute for the fire that is burning deep within.

After sleeping with a string of lovers, I`ces meets trouble head on that ultimately turns on her. She’s young and life hasn’t had the chance to teach her that there are women in the play yard more vicious than her. I`ces starts her “A” list of revenge when her lover, Carter Specks, of more than five years dumps her. Carter returns to his first love and baby mama, and marries her after I`ces conveniently lands in jail out of the country.
I`ces checks her “A” lists often, her mother’s name is on the list, but she’s not at the top.  There are few priorities on the list and she vows to make them pay for her troubled life. As she plummets out of control like an unguided rocket, I`ces takes you on one of the wildest rides ever. The question is…Will yesterday’s troubles outweigh tomorrow’s dreams?

ISBN# 978-0-9835756-7-2
Paperback: 264 pages
Product Size: 5.5 X 8.5 inches
Magenta is the youngest of the eleven children. She is the baby of the family, but not the normal spoiled brat baby. No special treatments were given to the youngest in this family. She lived her life as the vibrant young child excited about starting school for the first time. After the death of Magenta’s sister, Thumbelina, Magenta’s world starts to change. She was cared for by her sister/mama, Wilma. Wilma was older than everyone except Bear. She was the housekeeper, cook, and she would lay down punishments if the younger children misbehaved. Magenta notices that things were not quite right at home. Their daddy whipped them and he beat their mama too, no one was spared. Her trust is shattered when she realizes that her daddy, who is supposed to love and protect her, has crossed the line as his filthy words play over and over in her head, “I did this to your sisters, Thumbelina and Wilma.” Magenta cries and asks her cloud (GOD) why. Why had no one told her about the love? She didn’t want this kind of love from him. Magenta hides trying to figure out ways to kill the monster her daddy has become. She steals away to hide. As he walks and looks for her, Magenta peeks from her hiding place, the Well. She vows to take the whippings as punishment for her not allowing him to have his way with her.
Magenta has become the girl that no one knows…she also has become the girl that no one likes. She thinks that everyone hates her, so she hates them back. The one she hates the most, is the "monster" which is what she renames her ex-daddy. Magenta was always in trouble for something, and as a result, she was always on the receiving end of the beatings. But Magenta didn’t care about getting beatings anymore; the pain from her daddy raping her seared her very soul. She felt numb; hate replaced all the emotions that ran through her veins. Things were not easy, but Magenta manages to make it to the tenth grade without getting into any trouble at school. The following summer, Magenta experiences one of the hardest times in her life. Hatred and revenge raged in her, she stabbed her brother, was raped by his best friend, tried to kill herself, and tried to stab her ex-daddy the monster.

Where will Magenta end up now? Will she stay on the farm with her daddy the rapist? How will she be able to fend off the monster’s attacks now that she is the only child at home? Will she be forced to kill her daddy, the monster, to keep him off of her? Where will her hate lead her?
What is I`ces up to now, how long will I`ces be able to hide her little secrets? Jaidev’s wife, the boot bitch, as I`ces called her, put I`ces in her place. She tried to teach I`ces a valuable lesson. But I`ces does not listen, nor does she learn from her past mistakes. She finds herself right smack dab in the middle of the insanity ward. I`ces begs Deneen to lie for her when she in turn lied to cover why she is in PEMHS. I`ces spins one lie after the other trying to cover her tracks. When she runs off to dance in Miami, guess who was waiting to see their old friend again…is it Ra’londo? Jaidev? Is it Lexi, (the boot bitch) or could it be Zane her Trol’ley Beach lover? Running from Miami and the ghost of her past she goes out with Deneen to shake off her blues. After a near death experience at a club, I`ces knows a change must come and soon…

ISBN# 978-0-9851909-7-2
Paperback:  pages 296
Product size: 6 X 9

Hardcover: pages 296
Product size: 6 X 9
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Paperback:  pages 272
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Hardcover: pages 272
Product size: 6 X 9
ISBN# 978-0-9851909-9-6

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Paperback:  pages 298
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Paperback:  pages 144
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“It took a Richmond County jury less than one hour Wednesday to find an Augusta woman guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the death of her boyfriend last year.
Alicia Michelle Hall, 22, sat next to her attorney, silently sobbing as the clerk read the verdict convicting her of stabbing and killing Christopher Andrews in March 2000.”


“The Truth Behind It All” is my testimony about my abusive relationship involving my children’s father, and what led me to serve a prison term. In my book, I share my story because there are many people out there in the world who need help. There are many women in abusive relationships going through what I went through. I hope by sharing my story, I might prevent someone else from making the mistakes that I made. So much can change in the course of 48 hours, and it only takes one incident to send your life on a totally different path.

ISBN# 978-0-9895580-5-1
Paperback: 220 pages
Product Size: 6 X 9 inches

ISBN# 978-0-9895580-4-4
Hardcover: 220 pages
Product Size: 6 X 9 inches
Don’t Throw the Flag Too Soon is about taking opportunities to correct poor decisions in a meaningful way—in the game of life or in any setting.

Dr. Haynes attributes his success in sports and in education to the many people who helped him along his journey. This book pays homage to those individuals that didn’t throw the flag on him due to any of his shortcomings, thereby, making it possible for him to achieve success.

Don’t Throw the Flag Too Soon is a must-read for both younger and older adults no matter what our walk of life, no matter our ethnicity, no matter if we lead or follow, no matter our material possessions, and, certainly, no matter whether we like sports or not. – A.C. “Butch” Lambert Jr., Southeastern Conference Football Official 1974-2001

“You get out there and get after it.”—Coach Charles Boston, high school football coach at Bassfield High School 1959

As a crew, we would get together and have devotionals on Sunday mornings. We felt it was important to seek a greater power and draw together as men of faith. God is much greater than our stripes or our position as referees, and we needed to recognize that fact with our worship of Him. – Bob Wagner, NFL Official 1985-2002

“Joe was one of the greatest officials in the SEC. That’s the reason why he made the NFL.” – Pat Dye, head football coach Auburn University 1981-1992

ISBN# 978-0-9895580-1-3
Paperback:  pages 90
Product Size: 5.5  X 8.5 inches
This book is in memory of a wonderful husband, a loving father and an amazing grandfather. My dad, who has taught me a lot in my life and I would love to share it with you all. He has meant a lot to me besides being just a loving father. Kheireldine Khwagz Hassan also known as “Abu Khair” (my dad) *Allah Yerhamo* (R.I.P) is truly my hero, and one day, Inshallah (God willingly) I will follow in his footsteps.