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Inspirations for the Soul

Yolanda Goodwin

"Inspirations for the Soul" is a book of encouragement, uplifting and empowerment to God’s people.
God's Revelation
A Compelling Image of God's Achievable Future For Humanity

Melvin Collins, Sr., TH.D.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth with peaceful and harmonious intentions.  There was no sin nature but through the disobedience of Adam, sin overshadowed God’s creation causing all to be subject to the devastating nature of sin.  This book will give a compelling image of reconciliation through the Character of God, the Nature of God, and the Love of God.  Is it reasonable to imagine that the Revelation of God is how incorruption takes on corruption for the divine purpose of delivering those who are corrupt; therefore, manifesting incorruption through by faith? 
Straight From the Heart
Words of Wisdom and Spiritual Inspiration

Rickey L. Boggan

Rickey Boggan is a man of God who was once out there in the world. He uses real life experiences to motivate, inspire and encourage, as he shares the word of God through his inspirational quotes. You will laugh out loud as he shares his wisdom and knowledge on life, love and relationships. In his book, he takes you on his personal journey from being out there in the world searching, to finding the ultimate love of his life - Jesus Christ! No matter what situation you might be going through, this book of quotes is sure to add value and inspiration to your life.
ISBN# 978-0-9847455-9-3
Paperback: 288 pages
Product Size: 5.5 X 8.5 inches
ISBN# 978-0-9895580-8-2
Paperback:  116 pages
Product Size:  5 X 8 inches
ISBN# 978-0-9828795-6-6
Paperback: 170 pages
Product Size: 5 X 8 inches
Pink Kiss Publishing Company
Ari’el Rising
“Empowered Women In The 21st Century”

S. Denice Newton

50 Women|50 Causes| One Voice

The undeniable power of women comes alive in this anthology following 50 fierce courageous women through their stories of trials, tribulations, and triumph. These women from vastly different backgrounds unite to empower women near and far to walk in their purpose and destiny and conquer that which seeks to hold them back. When women come together regardless of age or circumstance, they shatter the image of the subservient female and prove the power of women can move mountains and make a lasting impact for generations to come!

ISBN# 978-0-9904442-3-7
Paperback:  pages 312
Product Size: 6 X 9 inches
ISBN# 978-0-9904442-4-4
Hardcover:  pages 312
Product Size: 6 X 9 inches
ISBN# 978-0-9904442-1-3
Paperback:  pages 306
Product Size: 6 X 9 inches
Her Cry-Her Prayer-Her Praise
Looking Through Her Window of Life

Kimberly Robinson Green

Isn’t it funny how life can be going well, and then, out of the blue, a curve ball is thrown your way? Well, that’s Thelma’s story.

Her name is Thelma McKinney, from a small town in Arkansas. Raised in a God-fearing, conservative home, living a life that seemed to be close to perfect, Thelma was introduced to a life changing event. Being the eldest daughter of a preacher, Thelma is constantly under pressure to always do what is right. She discovers a letter that totally changes her life. It can make or break her future, causing her to search for her true identity. Knowing nothing but her family, having never been away from her sheltered home; the obstacles are placing her in a situation that seems unbearable. Her goal is to do everything right and to never bring shame to her father’s ministry. But she is growing weary, feeling misplaced in her spirit and an emptiness in her soul. Thelma discovers the happiness she once had, is drifting away. Will she turn her back on God, the church, and her family?  Will she ever find true happiness, or will she throw in the towel?

As Thelma battles deception, hurt, and pain, can she recover enough to get back to her roots and become the young woman that God has called her to be?

Deeply moving and richly evocative, this is a remarkable tale about finding hope in a time of darkness, and about the transcendent and transformative power of faith. Her Cry-Her Prayer-Her Praise, will speak to many and inspire others to have the courage to overcome life’s obstacles!

ISBN# 978-0-9962965-2-6
Paperback:  pages 152
Product Size: 5 X 7 inches
Discovering the Beauty: On the Inside of Me

Jennifer Smith

"Discovering the Beauty: On the Inside of Me" is an exciting, empowering journey for young girls across the world. Once you discover your beauty within, your life will be changed forever. God has some powerful levels He's going to take you to; through reading and being active in this workbook, your life will soar to higher heights. Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.-1 Peter 3:3-4
The New World: The Chaos Begins

Elizabeth Perkins

This book is an art form about you and the way you may or may not think to look at the different multifaceted entities that surround you. We all are different and that makes us all very special. I would not want any harm to come to anyone who was different than me. There some things greater than you and I, and that someone or something is extraordinarily different. So why were we all put upon this planet to cohabitate upon it?

In our prayers, we say on earth as it is in heaven. What does that mean to you? This art form (book) dares your mind to think beyond what you already know, and into an overstanding on enlightenment. It was also written to motivate and encourage women to take back their dignity that men, pastors and ministers have been dragging through the mud ever since the story of Adam and Eve.

Eve was innocent, and man wasn't doing his job. In his story, women were the fall of a dynasty, but in reality, it was man. And today man is determined to destroy a people, a people that have been chosen to take back a dynasty that was given to them by The Almighty God...

We are descendants of Kings and Queens – take your rightful place in this world. The answer is within you.

ISBN# 978-0-9962965-5-7
Paperback:  pages 244
Product Size: 5.5 X 8.5 inches
ISBN# 978-0-9962965-8-8
Paperback:  pages 166
Product Size: 5 X 8 inches
Who Does She Think She IS?
Pink Kiss Publishing Compan..
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Who Does She Think She IS?

Lameeka L. Summers

“Life Happens!” And turning Pain into Purpose is the motto that Lameeka lives by. In her book, Lameeka encourages and inspires women who have somehow gotten lost in life; lost in pain, depression and self-esteem issues. Lost in taking care of their families, and lost in fear.
She inspires others by letting them in on her pain and most darkest moments, her trials, tribulations, breaking point and near death experience. Lameeka shares these personal moments, hoping that it will motivate someone who is right on the verge of giving up. Motivate them to bury their fear and get back to living and not just existing.

Between these pages, Lameeka takes you on a journey that is sure to reignite your passion and inspire you to pursue your purpose in life. Through this journey, you will discover that it is never too late to become the woman you were created to be! One who is guaranteed to walk into a room, leaving others to question themselves, and ask, Who Does She Think She IS?